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Water Quality - Purification of Water Supplies

All water delivered by a private system for human consumption is expected to meet or exceed the latest revisions of the drinking water standards published by the U.S. Public Health Service. Water from such systems should be tested for indication of sewage pollution at least as frequently as is recommended by local health authorities. Such tests should be conducted as prescribed by the current edition of "Standard Methods for the Examination of Water and Sewage," as published by the American Public Health Association and American Water Works Association.

Because of the limited number of samples collected from a private water supply, the presence of coliform bacteria in any one properly collected sample would classify the water as unsatisfactory for human consumption unless proper treatment is supplied.

When tests show evidence of sewage pollution, suitable treatment equipment shall be installed. This equipment must be capable of destroying or removing pathogen contaminants in the water under the conditions inherent in the water system. It shall be such that positive evidence of adequate treatment can be demonstrated by a residual test practical for the user of the water system. The equipment should be dependable and positive, and require a minimum of attention. It is desirable to provide bactericidal potential through all parts of they system following the treatment point.

Water systems on supplies which show evidence of contamination should be designed to provide the combination of residual and retention time necessary for destroying harmful bacteria.

There are thousands of types of non-pathogenic organisms which may be present in a water supply. They may cause slimes and growths that will clog pipes, pumps and valves and reduce water flow, produce tastes and odors and harbor pathogenic bacteria. Where they are present, chlorination equipment or other suitable treatment equipment should be provided.